Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Because Two are Better than One


However you came here, whether it was from my other blog, google, recommendation of a friend, I'm glad you've stopped by. This is my secondary blog. I've started another blog because I feel two blogs are better than one.

Actually, it's because I'm frequently asked for many of the recipes I use and/or create. The primary purpose of this blog is to share and review recipes. I plan to share our family favorites. I will also review recipes you send me, giving you a chance to have both your own recipe and blog highlighted here. So send 'em on over, I'll whip them up in my kitchen and give them a try!

I spend so much time in my kitchen it's about time that I put together a cookbook. So this blog is my online cookbook persay.

I will be labeling recipes typically (entree, side dish, dessert, etc) but also with allergen information. My kids need to be gluten free. Please feel free to send in suggestions for allergen labels.

Here is your key : G (gluten free), D (dairy free), V (Vegan), S (soy free)

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